31 January 2010


WELCOME to Saung Angklung Udjo.
Nature & Culture in Harmony..

Location : JI. Padasuka no 118 Bandung 40192
West Java, Indonesia

The arts performance starts daily from 15.30 - 17.30

website : www.angklung.udjo.co.id

Angklung is an Indonesian traditional musical instrument which is made of bamboo.  Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) was established in 1966 bye the late Udjo Ngalagena, known as Mang Udjo or Abah Udjo, and his wife Uum Sumiati.  As an art studio, SAU is also a place for art performance, laboratory for art education, and a typical tourism object for West Java.  SAU has been tring to realize the ideals and expectations to the angklung legend Abah Udjo, who says that angklung is the art and cultural pride of the Sundanese..


Traditional Dances (Mask Dance)


The dances that are performed are segments of the classical dances of KANDAGA MASK, a series of PARAHYANGAN style mask dance which tells about the Kencana Wungu Queen who was chased by Prabu Menakjingga, who was madly in love with her.  

This dance consists of two acts. First act (whitout mask): Layang Kumintir, the messenger for Kencana Wungu Queen from Majapahit Kingdom, who was investigating the situation in Blambangan Kingdom. Second act (wearing mask): Layang Kumintir disguised as a charming and strong man to fight Prabu Menakjingga.

The mask represents human's character.  Menakjingga with red colored mask represents aggressive, temperamental, and impatient character.

Wooden Puppet (Wayang Golek) 


Wooden Puppet (Wayang Golek) performance is a typical Sundanese art performance.  This art performance shows a drama performed by wooden puppets, which resemble human body equipped with their custome.  In its early development, this art performance is show by a wooden puppeteer in traditional ceremonies, such as village cleaning-up, exorcism, and many others.

Philosophically, the word wayang (puppet) means shadow.  Wayang is a representation of human's character such as anger, benevolence, greedy, and many others.  In every wooden puppet performance, a moral massage is always delivered to remind us to always obey the God and do good deeds to other people.

Angklung : Helaran, Arumba & Orchestra


Helaran :  is played often in circumcision celebration and harvest season.  In this occation, angklung used is the ones with Salendro notes - the original notes of Sundanese angklung.  Helaran itself is played in cheerful tone because it is played to entertained people and to thank God, who has blesses us daily with all His Gifts.

Arumba :  Arumba is a traditional musical instrument made from bamboo in diatonic tone scale, which produce harmonious & dynamic tone.

Angklung Orchestra :  Nowdays angklung is often played as an orchestra.  It is also frequently combined with other music intruments such as guitar, percussion, etc.

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